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How can the Citi-Life Media Help?

Citi-Life Media offers a search engine optimisation report that will highlight and explain many of the factors that may hinder your progress up the rankings in the major search engines. There is an abundance of tools and information on the internet that will explain search engine optimisation techniques. We have placed some useful tools on the site for anyone to use if they would like to.

The SEO report brings all that knowledge together with our own knowledge of SEO and gives you an independent overview of your site from a search engine optimisation perspective. Citi-Life Media can recommend companies who can carry out search engine optimisation work and will be happy to do so if you request further information but we do not offer the service directly nor do we recommend any particular SEO company in our reports so they can remain independent and unbiased.

The main goal of the Citi-Life Media is to provide you with a comprehensive, professional search engine optimisation report that you can use to learn about your site, what limitations it may have from an SEO perspective and equips you with the knowledge to understand what your chosen SEO company is doing for you during the optimisation process and / or the management of your managed search engine optimisation service.